Oranistation Chart | Our Designs

Each member of the group was given a deadline on our planner timetable and asked to write their own job description, specialities, interests and title for use in our promo and organisational chart.

This is my statement for the group:

Senior Designer

As a senior designer I am responsible for conceptualization and design of solutions from concept to completion.
I ensure that the organisation creates good designs which are attractive and meets the requirements of the customers.

I am basically in charge of a design team in a company, I help direct the work of one or more junior designers who generatecomps and create layouts and final art. In some cases I do not manage staff but am designated “senior” because of my

authority in design decision-making for certain fields.

I keep up with current trends in design and maintain a high proficiency in the use of Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator

as well as other design software and techniques.

I like to see myself as very creative as well as commercial and be able to come up with solutions to problems quickly. Strong

communication as well as software design skills are a must have. Excellent presentation skills and should have a keen eye for detail.

I love all aspects of design but specialise in animation and Illustration.

I felt this summed me up for the most part.
Again as a group we discussed the genereal design of the oranisational chart, we all knew we wanted it to be similar to the Disney chart, rounded to emphesise our group as a collective.
We want the client to know from the get go that we are organised, have experts in any field they require, yet overlap enough to ensure top quality work from all areas with expert input from different angles.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow shows some of the ideas our group came up with for the organisation chart. I was impressed by Fliss’ at it fit in well with our company image. After recieveing feedback from kate during the seminar i decided to develop this one further.

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