Hot Topics for Mashups

I want my mashup to still be relevent in a few months, an easy way to do this would be to use ‘classic’ films or cartoons to create a mashup, such as starwars or disney as they are timeless.

Another way would be to use hot topics or meme’s, while they generally have a shorter shelf life, the popularity of them would bea big boost in the short term.

Hot Topics


‘Stop Online Piracy Act’ & ‘Protect IP Act’ There is alot of negativity and it is quite a popular subject on the internet, and in  the design world. Especially with mashups, as many feel this would be the end of the. It all about some old losers who want more money because they failed to keep up with the technology of the time. Would be an awesome idea for a mashup with deep meaning behind it. Not only that but it would be quite ironic if approached correctly. I quite like the idea of doing a Pro-SOPA  spoof ripping off as much copyrighted material as possible to contrast the death of creative use of ideas. Good old fair usage! And its set to flare up again and again so would be a pritty hot topic.

  • Syria

Another hot topic thats sure to be in the news for a while. Might be a little too political for my tastes.

Unfortunately as SOPA is so hot, there are alot of good mashups already. However being an internet user with a creative side who enjoys messing about with all sorts of media i feel quite strongly about this subject.


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