My Typography Ideas

Using only the font Futora Bold 60pt to come up with ideas for words i tried to use the negative space to create meaning for the words.


Based on my research i decided to focus on elimination in regards to people. I found that the i looked like a stick person so decided to play on this for some of my ideas. I one cases even using the outline of the letter to create a chalk outline.


Playing on the idea of a search light, i used the contrast between negative and bold space to create a search design.


One of my favorite ideas was to create a 3D relief piece out of a book with the pages being cut away more and more to make a falling effect and reaveal the text.


Using different materials to create a repeating pattern for the text


I liked the idea of using a magnet + – ass a way of creating the lettering out of iron fillings with the negative space left by the possitive (addition) or negative (subtraction) charge’s



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