Retro Logo Reasearch

People associate “value” to old things. Remember, “old is gold”? When you amalgamate modern graphics with old design elements, it creates mesmerizing looks and instantly add value to your designs. Whatever business you may do, your target audience starts believing that you are in that business for decades and they can trust you completely.

Elements of Retro Design

Web designers use various elements to create a retro look. Designers use handwritten fonts, old fashioned photographs, old product models etc. to design a retro web layout. Some designers also prefer to use military themes and the early space mission themes to retain the old look. Here are some of the important design elements that make a site retro.

  1. Use Shapes and Illustrations- Simple shapes works like magic to recreate the retro era. If you check the pages of very old websites, you will see that during that time, web designers experimented with simple shapes and illustrations to design websites.
  2. Color Schemes- Full color printing was very costly earlier and the designers used the same print media approach for website design as well. You should use only 2-3 colors and two toned colors to give your site a vintage look.
  3. Typography- Typography is a crucial part of any web design. You can use pixel strokes in your fonts to capture the essence of old times and make people nostalgic.
  4. Borders- This is a trademark retro design element. Borders look like ornaments and enhance the visual appeal of a website. You can use borders to highlight some parts of your content or frame the pictures in an elegant manner.
  5. Textures and Noises- With the help of textures and noise in your website background, you can create a retro design. You can also use poster artworks, pattern overlays and drop shadows to create a retro look. You should use Photoshop to design the texture and add value to your website design.
  6. Badges and Logos- Besides the aforementioned elements, you can also use round shaped badges and logos to design a vintage layout. Use subtle colors in your badge and logo to add a visual charm to your web design.

If you don’t have any knowledge in design, then you should hire website designer and tell him to design a retro website. With the help of a retro website design, you can easily win your customer’s trust. However, not all the websites are suitable for retro design. For instance, if you are in computer gaming industry, then your target audience won’t like a retro website. Designing a retro website is not very easy. Your site should celebrate the glory of old times, but must not look outdated.

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