Vintage / Retro Web Research

Key Reasearch Sites i found.

I do really like retro design sites, i even tried to make one previously, failed horribly mind. There is just something appealing about this style. Greate colour palettes, simple design, yet look so good. Maybe its the juxtaposition they create with new sites.

Designing a retro style website is the latest website design trend. You can easily identify a retro web design among hundreds of websites and that is why web designers are using this trend nowadays. Some of the elements that make a web design retro are pale colors, period icons and vivid graphics. Let me explain why retro design is so popular.

Retro design crosses the boundary of time, style, taste and ages. The fact is retro design mainly focuses on certain eras, but people all over the world love retro web design. If you ask a website designer what makes retro so popular, he will show you two reasons. The first thing is “value” and the second thing is “nostalgia”.

People associate “value” to old things. Remember, “old is gold”? When you amalgamate modern graphics with old design elements, it creates mesmerizing looks and instantly add value to your website design. Whatever business you may do, your target audience starts believing that you are in that business for decades and they can trust you completely.

Retro design also brings sweet memories to the viewers’ mind. We all sigh for the golden days of our youth, and feel that life was much simpler and less stressful when we were in school or college. That is why, when we see that a website layout looks just like a magazine of our childhood, we immediately start checking that site.

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