Typographic Tracing

In today’s lesson we looked at the parts of a letter. I had look at this previously in my research.

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We then had to trace letters individually, uppercase, lower case and italic vowels in an attempt to understand the letter formation and the subtleties that go into making each letter look and feel right.Once we felt we understood how the letters were formed, we had to try

There are alot of minute details that go into creating an typeface that you dont really notice at first glance. Such as the way the weight of the title of the ‘i’ is ever so slightly off centre with the stem of the letter.

The next task was to do more of the same but to a whole word. I was given the word ‘stem’. Again we traced the letters until we understood how they all fit together and flowed. We then had to write our word freehand on a sheet we were given along side the printed word. To aid us we were given a sheet showing the x-height, cap height and baseline to guide our drawing.

I found it fairly easy to get the letters in the correct proportions and with the correct weights especially with the cap height, base line and a few measurments. I only really struggled with the ‘S’ as getting the curves correct too some practice, as show on the tracing paper.

to get this right even, using the baseline diagram as a guide, as it was unclear where on this grid the letters of the word ‘stroke’ would necessarily sit. I found it helped to trace the word onto a copy of the grid. I could then recreate exactly where the letters were placed. This also helped with my other problem of the distance between the letters. I was able to measure the distance at each point to ensure the kerning was correct. Below are the results.

My results are show above in the slideshow.


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