Identifying Area’s to Research

We started by reading the Brief trying to identify all the different areas that we initially would need to look into.

The goal is to create a design-led campaign  to capture the imagination and interest of local youth  in the Broadstairs Folk Festival 2013.

We should target a specific age group, we looked initially at the 8 – 13 year olds.

Research to look at

Ways to attact people to & what they involve:

  • Theatre
  • Instrumental sessions
  • Singing
  • Concerts
  • Performance
  • Workshops

Existing materials & branding used by client

  • What to use, adapt, develop

How our audiance choose to recieve new information

As we have split the workload, i have been given the job of refining existing branding and design work for our presentation, therefore will not have much research to do. The bulk of the research has been split between, Alana, Tina, Alice, Fliss and Kate.

As this is the case i will being focusing my research mainly on the aesphetic side of things, but i will endever to help people with their research and fill in any gaps.

For example i found out about the Deal Folk Festival, another local festival and passed this information onto Alana, who is heaing up the research into existing events.


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