Contact with Broadstairs Folk Week & Our Roles and Updates

Contact with Broadstairs Folk Festival

Tina was chosen to be our point of contact with Ja at the festival committee. We have been ablt to collect alot of useful information, such as number of  visitors, more detail on what they would like etc

We have been able to get hold of alot of their branding materials and have been informed what we can and can’t change.

Colours they use
Clarence images

Our initial e-mail to Jo
Thank you for taking this project on and good luck!

In answer to your questions, we don’t have a big budget – and if you suggested something that was double our budget than obviously we couldn’t do it, but don’t let that hamper your ideas or creativity – things can be adapted.

We already have cards, mugs and t-shirts with Clarence on – I can send you the logos separately. And we have an art competition at the festival at the Hobby Horse Club.Black and yellow are the official colours but we were daring and went for blue on the website as we thought it looked more contemporary.The key points – what we want to achieve is more local young people taking part in Folk Week and coming to enjoy the music, theatre, dance workshops that we have for them.Hope that helps a bit.all the best


Jo has also given us her home address so we can keep in contact better. We are currently putting together some questions

In the meantime, some of our group will continue with research in their given areas, some with ideas for our agencies website and branding.

I have been charged with putting together our branding to ensure that it consistant across all of our work, from charts to the website.

This is what I have so far:

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Fliss – Creative Director.
Layout & Typography.
As The creative Director for Keep on Designing, I am responsible for the overall supervision of the agency’s creative product. My role is to help assign all creative projects amongst the agency staff and to meet with our clients on a regular basis in order to achieve unique high quality design solutions.
I guide and lead our group of dynamic, specialist designers and assist in the development and production of their work to create and complete the final product. I then approve all the creative work before it is presented to the client. I also oversee and make sure that as a team we are time managing each project effectively and completing all design work within the allocated deadlines.

As a designer myself, I specialise in layout and typography but have gained experience within motion graphics, magazine/book publishing and advertising.

Tina – Project Manager.
Design Interface.
The project manager gets involved at every step of the design process ensuring all is going accordingly.They need to have good analytical skills, communication skills and excellent time management. The project manager co-ordinates between the client and the design team to ensure the planning of the design project consists of all the relevant steps and check it is carried out effectively. They use their communication skills to liaise between the client and the directors of the design team when a problem arrises and come to a suitable solution. They also need to be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of each team member so that the project is always practical and suited to each persons strengths. Often they may need to help with some design tasks to guarantee the project reaches its deadline.

Glenn Mellor – Senior Designer.
Illistration & Motion Graphics.
As a senior designer I am responsible for conceptualization and design of solutions from concept to completion. I ensure that the organisation creates good designs which are attractive and meets the requirements of the customers.

I am basically in charge of a design team in a company, I help direct the work of one or more junior designers who generate comps and create layouts and final art. In some cases I do not manage staff but am designated “senior” because of my authority in design decision-making for certain fields.

I keep up with current trends in design and maintain a high proficiency in the use of Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator as well as other design software and techniques.

I like to see myself as very creative as well as commercial and be able to come up with solutions to problems quickly. Strong communication as well as software design skills are a must have. Excellent presentation skills and should have a keen eye for.

Alice Cadenhead – Senior Designer.
Digital Art & Media.
As a senior designer, I am responsible for creating and executing strong concepts for each design project given to the agency. Alongside my high level of expertise and understanding across all areas including; motion graphics, typography and layout I particularly specialise in Digital art and media. I have a broad understanding of current trends and enjoy using a number of different resources to produce high quality design pieces, uniquely for each client. My role also includes me overseeing and delegating design tasks to the middleweight and junior designers to complete, ensuring they are carried out efficiently and effectively.

Alana – Art Director.
To manage projects whilst working within a budget.

Working with a copyrighter to generate ideas that will be proposed to a client.
Overseeing and making any edits to a presentation or storyboard that would be presented to a client.
Having a hands on approach to work on designs creating effective advertising campaigns. Working in editing suites to oversea final/finished product. Meeting the Creative Director before pitching ideas to a client. Review and approve art material developed by staff members. Confer and communicate with clients to identify their objectives, aims, budgets, styles and approaches.
Assets an Art Director needs to have include creativity, in-depth understanding of typography, printing and photography, good interpersonal skills when interacting with clients and be up-to-date with social, cultural and fashion trends.Branding specialistEvaluate a company’s brand and work on concepts that will help the brand improve. Finding out the companies best interests and acting upon this. Research consumer markets, monitoring market trends, consumer habits, pricing and recognising any opportunities in the market. Generate names for new products and services and packaging ideas. Having the responsibility of overseeing newspaper and magazine advertisements, TV adverts, email campaigns, websites, exhibition stands, copywriters and printers. Conducting focus groups and market research.Assets a Branding specialist needs to have include good communication and interpersonnel skills both verbally and in writing, instinct feeling about future products and trends, analytical skills, enthusiasm about their product area and extensive knowledge in current and previous marketing and advertising campaigns.Kate – Middleweight Designer.
Web & Motion Graphics.
As a middleweight designer my job covers working on both large and small projects. I have to suggest new ways in which to improve ideas – therefore need to be able to think of originality. As well as being able to keep to guidelines and working to the brief that has been set. It is also vial to be good at teamwork and have flexibility with clients needs.

Part of this role means that I may work together with the Creative Director to help develop new ideas and build new client relationships. I may also work alongside Junior Designers. I am responsible for assisting the creative process, ensuring deadlines are met and that the work is at its best.

My specialised area is web, although I do have some experience in graphic design and motion graphics.


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