Check List of Directions to Explore

I love motion graphic and the main reason that i chose individual project for a choice was so that i could continue with it as it did not fit in with my other choices.

Therefore it was pritty obvious that for my individual project that i wanted to carry this on.
While i do love live action, cinematography and the such, i do not have my own camera. This would severly limit my ability to work as i wanted.

I do however realyl enjoy the challenge of animation, it allows me to use all of my skills, Illustration, Photoshop, Comping, 3D and allows me to further develop skills in After Effects, my chose tool for animation.

I chose After Effects as i have really enjoyed the software ever since i was introduced to it last year, and have wanted more changes to play with it in a constructive way.

Rather then a 100 online blog for this project i have started a physical folder for sketches, ideas, tests etc. But due to the nature of animation i still intend to use this space for tests and hosting of them, as well as link the two together.

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