5 Examples of Type Crime!

The Crime: Vertical or Horizontal Scaling

Stretching letters distorts their overall proportions and internal line weights. This crime is committed both inadvertently (through careless use of software) and in cold blood (in order to force type to fill a given space).

The Crime: Dumb quotes

Quotation marks consist of distinct characters for opening and closing a quoted passage. Hatch marks consist of a single set of vertical strokes. The only proper use for hatch marks is to indicate inches and feet (5’2″).

The Crime: Pseudo Italics 

A true italic typeface is not just a slanted version of a roman font. The characters are specially designed to provide a traditional mode of variation within a type family.

Don’t Use Ornate Fonts for Body Text

This is a classic mistake that new designers and non-designers make constantly. Fonts are an easy way to inject fun and personality into a design, so the temptation to use interesting typefaces is nearly unbearable.  The problem is that many people don’t know how to properly implement a unique-looking font. Take the following for example.

Here I used the wildly popular Lobster font in a manner that I’ve seen on real websites. The problem should be obvious, the paragraph might look fancy but it takes you forever to read.

Further, there’s a lack of contrast between the headline and the body copy. Sure, they’re different sizes but taking boldness into consideration is just as important.

Don’t: Use Too Many Font Styles

Anyone with access to an abundant font folder has been guilty of this crime at least once in their life. There are just so many fun fonts out there, how can you possible choose? Nay I say, use them all!

As you can see, the result is a cluttered mess. We might genuinely need different styles for each of these blocks of text, but looking to completely different fonts just isn’t the solution.


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