Examples of Type Specimen Books

Here are some examples of type specimen books. I tried to gather a mix of interesting or creative books, and escpecially ones related to Gill Sans.

I like the books with a unique look or feel to them such as the Faces book. I love how it has turned into a collectable pull out book or display piece. The design is also very tidy and works well with the design.

The specimen book with the shapes cut out of the pages works wellm revealing a part of the previous or next page, giving a sense of flow through the book. It has been very well executed therefore it doesn’t look gimmicky and primary school-like. I would like to see how this would work with a font like Gill Sans.

The layout and colour palette of the French fold book makes reference to its roots and influences. I could use this as an idea for my book. I found a link on flickr to a lady who collected a bunch of specimen books that were being thrown out by her library (http://www.flickr.com/photos/skelly/sets/72157607561956470/with/2896972865/). The strong use of colours and font weights was eye catching but having seen the endless examples that look very similar I am would defo need to produce something that is unique and stands out.

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