Game Related 3D Landscapes

I really liked the atmosphere in this piece, while pritty simple to model the lighting and shading really add depth to the piece. Its vastness and ovrall tone really add a distince uneasy atmosphere and the simple use of colours works really well. This would not be too hard to emulate with my current skills.

To get more inspirational going I began looking at Sci-fi styled space scenes and desserts. I want to see the techniques used so it will help towards my piece.

Halo 3

This is a scene from Halo3. I love the way they merge old ruins with new tech, it creates a great contrast. Detailed scenery lighting and modelling make up this piece, aswell as great textures. This would be hard to emulate in as much detail but i would love to try.

It has a great feeling of unease and scale about it. Contrasting to ideas that i enjoy, old fantasy and sci fi.

Textures could be tweaked post prod to realyl finish it off, but i would need alot of work on lighting.

Alice The Madness Returns

I have always been a huge fan of American McGee’s Alice series, the artwork is truely insperational.

There is a great use of surreal modelling in fine detail at work here, quite complex and fiddly in areas but they create a greate sense of surrealism and a dark atmosphere present in the game.

I especially like the oversized dominoes and jacks, they really at to the surrealism yet bring it into the real world. The lighting is perhaps a little on the stark side, rather then being gradual, but this adds to the contrast of the piece.

The background and forground work well to create depth and motion through the piece.

I would need to work alot on my modelling and lighting, textures too, but again they can be detailed afterwards with PS.


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