Setting a Brief & Theories

Now I feel I have a solid idea for my mashup I thought it would be a good idea to write a brief to clarify exactly what I am doing.

“To create a poster to highlight the extreme failure of an organisation that we inherently trust to always be right by attempting to recreate the images used by the organisation to promote itself in a good light.

The imagery will be from the BBC and contain victims of their failure, while pointing out their two faced, double standards. Highlighting the failure of a trusted brand that is ment to represent us all and that we all pay for.

This till attempt to challenge the image of the BBC that we know by confronting it with its real image.”

Aspects to include:

  • easily recognisable adverts
  • slogan
  •  shocking factor (sensetive issue)
  • get across the real message that they give out
  • stay true to the original images

Theories to think about:

  • Rhetoric
  • pathos (emotion, injured kid’s etc)
  • ethos (credibility of BBC)
  • logos (reason)
  • Gatekeep
  • Semiotics
  • Pragmatics


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