Type Specimen Books 002

Tiepolo Type Specimen

The typeface Tiepolo was designed by Arthur Baker and Cynthia Hollandsworth Batty in 1987, and is often described as a “sans serif with serifs.” The book is themed around tea because Tiepolo is used in the Lipton Tea logo, and because “Tiepolo” sounds like tea when pronounced aloud. The history of Tiepolo, the history of tea, and different tea practices are documented throughout the book while displaying the fonts within the typeface.

Each page was hand-dyed using Lipton tea and the book is hand-bound using a signature binding method. The paper used is 80 lb text white paper and 80 lb cover white paper, manufactured by Cougar Opaque with a smooth finish.

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Another creative specimen book, i like how the designer used the fact that the font was used for the lipton tea and expanded this idea to cover the book, even going as far as to stain the pages with the tea itself. I also like the cut out pieces showing the pages below. this is somthing i would like to incorporate into my design.


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