Round Up of Current Concept Ideas

The Art behind Gill Sans

Art of Gill Sans

Relief/embossed/line drawing

Beauty Behind Gill Sans

Beauty in the Making

Each charecter is a piece of art (line, scuplture), not just a solid mathematically produced character.

Eric Gill designed/scupted each character for its job. Gill Sans was a typeface created to be the ultimate legible sans-serif text face. Gill Sans was designed to function equally well as a text face and for display. Gill prefered to use traditional craft skills.

If I am creating a specimen book that’s purpose is to entice people to buy the font, then I need to play up its strengths. Gill Sans is a humanist typeface related to the earlier, classical hand written monumental Roman capitals.

It therefore seems wrong to not pay homage to the real art behind the artist and typeface. My design will certainly be aware of the origins of the typeface, and its significant place in history up until this point. But I want to show the audience that this is more then just a font, it is real art at its root. Its mix of serif and san serif forms are as relevant today as they were in 1928. It is modern, but with character and soul.

My idea is therefore to pay homage to Gill San’s and its artist by presenting the specimen book as an artistic sculpture, designed with a nod towards the art of Eric Gill.

Eric Gill used fine line work often with intricate detail. He made excellent use of light and dark and depth and perspective in his illustrations. The characters he drew were often gangly and he was deeply inspired by nature, creating many floral designs and leaf based patterns.

Gill Sans defies the standard because the x-height of this font face is slightly smaller than your average face that’s awarded on the fact of legibility alone. Probably one of the greatest qualities Gill Sans has is that it is space efficient when used in body text therefore giving the designer knowledge that they can work well incorporating this font into wordy body copy.

The aim would be to produce an artefact with as much care, attention and quality as Gill himself.


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