Wednesday Notes for Presenting

I wrote some notes for us on weds with regards to the presentation from Kate, fortunatly Alana took it upon herself to write up the notes for the group, did a much better job then me. Gives all the details we need to include, works as checklist to some extent.

Thanks Alana!

1. Arrive early

(We all quite punctual anyway, however we will make extra sure we are early for the presentation)

2. Tell them who you are, what makes you different?

(Glenn put together a create video which we plan to play as it’s more interesting than just us explaining, it also showcases Glenn’s motion graphic’s skills which I’m sure will impress our client)

3. Reiterate the brief?

(I was given this task to put a few sentences together, I came up with “Organisers of Young Folk Week are looking to increase interest and attendance from a local youth community.

Our task is to create two design-led concepts to help them do this!“)

4. Explain approach to research

(We could explain how we went of to research the different aspects that we needed to know, such as folk festival competition, target market’s interests, information from our client and advertisement etc)

5. Show findings?

(Presenting in bullet points on the presentation, we then explain each point depending on who done the research)

6. Explain approach to researching the audience

(Fliss will explain her research as she researched into Young Folk’s target market)

7. Show findings

(Everything will be presented on the slide and explained verbally)

8. 2 concept directions, explain how our research lead us to this

(Together we will explain our two concepts of an iPhone app and a fold out wristband including information on our treasure hunt which all links in, Glenn will show his mock up for the fold out wristband and Katie will show her iPhone app mock ups)

9. Tell a story – make it interesting


Predicted questions and answers
Alana also made a key point about predicting questions ahead of time to ensure we can answer them well. The client is not necesarily a designer and may not be current in the same trends of lingo.

Q1 Cost and production of the fold out wristbands?

A1 “Depending on your budget you can opt to print on A4 glossy paper which would keep the wristband in a better condition or normal A4 paper, which would be cheaper but the concept will still work. All that would be required is to print the wristband on A4 attach Velcro strips and fold.”

Q2 Where would the iPhone app be available to customers?

A2 “Simply from you Broadstairs Young Fold website – a link will be provided to download the app”

Q3 What is different from the iPhone app you have pitched and our existing iPhone app?

A3 “This iPhone app would be more interacting, providing samples of music by bands who play, a treasure map and more animations to attract the younger target audience”

I have posted a link to this blog post of mine to the Facebook group page so we can give it a read and hopefully we would all be more prepared for presenting.


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