Presentation Research

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After a bit more research i decided on a minimilat approach to slide designs, focusing on visual information for the client as well as que’s for us to talk about.

When speaking it is also crucial that we tell it as a story and refere back to the research to affirm out points.

Originally i planed on a fancy animated presentation based on the work i did for my promo, unfortunatly i just couldn’t get quicktime to respond properly to the scripting, and it needed alot of work, I was quite annoyed as this would have been epic! sadly i just ran out of time and had to make do with  a standard pdf 😦

This slideshow also has a few of the older slides i came up with, but later rejected.

We decided to concentrate on simplicity and consistnacy. It was key that all our work tied into each other well and was recognisable as such



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