Projects That I Worked on for the Group

I think this is a list of most of the projects that i had hands on experiance with, whether it was handcoding websites or animating promo’s. Obviously the group helped, but projects such as the redesing of the web and Promo i took up then showed to the group.

With this work it was decided that i would have an input on most of the design work to try and keep it consistant. This lead to me create a DNA document for our agency, this file contained RGB, HEX and CYMK colors that we use, as well as Typeface, weights, layouts etc

The web used a traditional 960 golden ratio layout, i am not a webbie so this is what i was told in the 1st year by shelly!, for the design work i created a background for us to use which contained guidlines based on the 9×9 canon of Jan Tschichold.

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I think this is most of the work, but naturally some would have been forgotten.

This containts images of works in progress, working withing Illustrator, PS, After Effects, Dreamweaver etc, setting up our Web Precence (twitter etc), Facebook designs, Google doc and alot more.


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