BBC Children in Need Mashup Idea

Obviously this is a quick mock of an idea i had been looking into. The failure of the BBC to protect the children from known paedophile Saville sort of contradicts the BBC’s efforts with the Children in Need campaign they run. I chose the image of pedo bear from the cartoon southpark as not only does it fit really well, it is the fact that while southpark is seen as a sock and awe childrens(young adults) cartoon it is NOT afraid to highlight the issues at hand in a low brow, but spot on satirical way that gets people talking. Unlike the BBC who incidently like to cover things up for an easier life.

Swapping out pudsey for pedo bear is a simple change but a change that reflects how the BBC seem to have been behaving in reality. While i do understand that apparently Saville was banned from the event (eventually) this further highlights the fact that they really did do fuck all to portect the real children in need.



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