Expresive Page Layout

Here are my versions of a passage of writing presented in different ways showing how the presentation influences the reader.

My first was my attempt to create an interesting interpretation of the text by aligning the text differently as well as using different fonts. I also rotated some of the text to give it a natural feel to it.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The second was my attempt to create a piece that would cause the reader to turn and read the page, rather then just look at a piece of paper.

My third attempt was another attempt at my first piece. This time i sed all of the page and placed the text to better use the space. Seprating the text into paragraphs according to what they said. I felt this was my favourite.

The fourth attempt was to create an uninspiring presentation. Just plain default text with default alignment. Makes you appreciated good layout.


One thought on “Expresive Page Layout

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