Mashup Ideas

After a bit of feedback i decided to stick with my initial idea but work more on the acutally image. I was worried that it would be too simple. While simple works well, i felt it needed a bit more.

Also without prior knowledge of the TV show Southpark alot of the meaning of the piece is lost. While in my generation i felt that this was not a problem at all, infact i felt it was stronger with the character swap, it did norrow down the audience in regards to the markers and other people who may view the piece, or just not know who the character is, and what he stands for. Aswell as the nature of the TV show.

I decided to use existing promo pieces released by the BBC Children in Need and promotional shots of Jimmy Savile to create a message. To criticise and highlight the issues of the BBC and there involvment and ommissions in regards to the whole Jimmy Savile revelations. The cover up of the issues, lack of action and general attitude taken by the BBC and its then bosses.

The BBC is a trusted image withing the UK, we are ment to inately trust the BBC and its actions and workers. It portrays us, we all pay a fee to the BBC.

This is the message that i want to get accross in the mashup. A symbol of trust in the UK doing nothing to stop a know monster for nothing but their own gain. While all the while distancing themselve from the issue and flounting their ‘good work’ via children in need.


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