The Message

BBC Cover up, in the face of all their ‘good’
We are ment to innately trust the BBC, after all, we all pay out BBC license fee, wether we want to or not. The BBC has a reputation to uphold, a duty of care to act and freely supply information. Not just when it suits them to do so, they are not some archaic Gatekeeper. Its the failure of the BBC, and its loss of face, and even the people incharge don’t care, they just want more MONEY to go quietly, without a fuss.

Lets throw money at these problems and place a cute bear on the front and we will all be ok. If WE dont report it, then it never happened, the public trust us.

I feel that this works as a mashup. I have mashed together several different promotion images used by the BBC including several of  their Children in Need logo, Jim will fix it. I have tried to make the tone much darker then the original posters.

This was achieved by creating a contrast between the ‘savile’ character and the now upset girls. Originally (last post) the girls were happy and brighter, how they are desaturated and darkened with a mixure of layers and soft light to create a dark, in need feel to them.

The arms of the bear were made from several images and manipulated to be around the girls, creating a deeper sense of unease and pathos.

There are several clear theories present including, rhetoric, gatekeeper and semitics. I feel i would be able to create a concise essay based upon the imagery present here and the issues that it raises.

Failure in the BBC, a trusted corp we all intrinsicly trust and rely on for the trust. Its ommissions, coverups and general loss of faith.

I wanted to keep the mashup true to the original images to make it more recognisable, this is also the reason that i moved away from the inclusion of Pedo bear from Southpark instead of the Pudsey chacter. While i felt that this would have been strong and added another level of reason, it limited the audiance somewhat and for audiances older then me, or those who had not seen or heard about the Southpark character or the show, or understand the meaning behind them.

Using Original Pudsey, but Savile’ing him up as well as redrawing him in a creepy way would have a wider reach.

As a stylistic choice i chose to over enphesise certain aspects of the image to make them more obvious at forst glance, the Savile cigar being slightly highlighted as well as the savile medallion.

I changed the text on the medallion to read “Jim fixed it” rather then “Jim fixed it for me” as i felt that this show the wide scope of his actions, rather then a few individuals.

I also redrew the arms to enphesise the classice large cigar he held, another vice, and positioned the arms in a creep, encroaching way onto the girls.

I also edited the faces of the girls to make them appear distraught and sad, again showing that while it may apear to be clear that something was not right, the BBC bosses decided to cover it up to protect their arses and the company, rather then the CHILDREN IN NEED. Infact the faces are from completely different girls. The girls had also  had their colours and curves edited to enthesise the feeling present in them, juxtaposed against the ‘ BBC’s shining angel of good ‘

I wanted to keep the background simple, like the poster for children in need, plain white. I used the backdrop of the BBC studios at the time subtely to show that it was even happening in the license fee paying offices, right under their noses.

As i could not find and exact match for the Children in Need font, i had to recreate it out of the letter N, i think it came out OK and you can’t really tell.

The slogan has been changed to read as “MORE Children in Need” from “Children in Need” as clearly due to their ommisions, cover up, not caring and putting their jobs and money first the BBC had ironicly created more children in need…

This slogan also goes in hand with the Savile medallion to confer a reason for this.

There are alot of aspect that i could right about for the essay including:

  • Rhetoric
  • pathos (emotion, injured kid’s etc)
  • ethos (credibility of BBC)
  • logos (reason)
  • Gatekeep
  • Semiotics

“BBC refuses to release all the evidence from licence fee-funded report into Savile scandal”

We are ment to be able to innately trust the BBC and its actions, and Savile is just the tip of the iceberg. More and more reports are coming out. It was noted that a book written in 1999 by journalist John Simpson, Strange Places, Questionable People, had referred to an “Uncle Dick” at the BBC who had sexually assaulted children, and who appeared to fit the profile of BBC announcer Derek McCulloch.


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