Targetted Research


Lay-Flat Binding –

The process of binding using the Lay-Flat method is similar to the Case and Perfect binding process except the use of a flexible glue used only on the edges of the spine allow the books to lie flat.  Cookbooks and technical manuals are examples of Lay-Flat bound books.   This method, like Case and Perfect binding does not allow for the inclusion of additional pages, and thus, is not considered a viable method for use in scrapbook bind–unless the size of the scrapbook is well designed and no additional page inclusion will be needed.

lay flat book binding Ways You Can Bind Your Scrapbooks

Side-Stitching –

Side stitched books are created and bound by assembling loose sheets of paper and stapling them together, or literally stitching them.  A cover can  enfold the bound stack and glued.  Depending on the bound thickness, the spine may be thick enough to allow for a printed title.  This method is not well suited for scrapbooks because the binding does not allow for the book to lie flat or for inclusion of additional pages.  Magazines or booklets, like National Geographic utilize this method of binding.

side stitch book binding Ways You Can Bind Your Scrapbooks

Screw and Post Binding –

The Screw and Post Binding method is one most familiar to scrapbook crafters.  These books are the “backbone” of the scrapbook portfolio.  They can be purchased for a nominal cost.  Their drawbacks can be in the lack of being able to customize or personalize them and the capacity limits.  Creating your own book using the Screw and Post Binding method is not difficult.  The process is very similar to side stitching process, but metal post and screws are used to bind your papers.  One nice element to this type bound book is the ability to add or remove pages easily.

screw  post book binding Ways You Can Bind Your Scrapbooks

I was very interested by these 3 in particular as they gave the book a distinct shape and would easily allow me to do a french fold. They give the book a solid look, asif it was a chunkc of stone to be carved.


As my concept is based around relief, I started looking into relief works, esp Eric Gills.

Background for French Fold


Grids showing off Gill Sans’ designed shapes seem to be very popular, and even Eric Gills design mockup such as this are a peince of art in them selves. I think i would like to use this as a simple background for my pages.


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