Designs I Toyed With

altus EoT-pp51 t 15-POINT-LEADING-NO-DEFAULT Untitled-1 layoutCYMK_003 test-3

This is a showcase of a few ideas i toyed with.

grunge look, after talking with kate this was dropped, while i think it is trendy and looks good, it does not server the purpose of the book or the concept!

XV art with letters, not enough room.

Pop up elements, ultimate in relief. while working it as a little impracticle and made it feel too busy

my original design for my variant of gill sans was to do as Eric Gill does himself and break his rules, the image of the A’s in various weights was Gill’s description of how NOT to design a font, i was therefor not going to follow his diagram and do the opposite.

Textures, colours and grids.

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