I printed out my boo k at home several times to see how the final thing worked and how the relief holes would line up. It worked pritty well and gave a  good view as to what needs working on.

The knockout text was a little to hard to read in the light weight. so i decided to change this to at least medium.

I decided to create a test sheet for the printers tosee how it looked when they printed it out. On my printer at home the quality was so bad that the textures on thebackground looked horiffic as well as a bad view of the knockout text.

I mocked some text boxes at several weights and pt sizes with red and black backgrounds. The print the printers was much better, the colours came out clear due to the hi res printer. It make alot of difference and was able to adjust my designs using this sheet as a reference guide.

I knew a standar bind would not work for me so after talking to the printer came up with the idea to insert an extra slug onto the outsides of the paper, and use this to bind the pages, keeping my french fold and style of the book i wanted.

The slight inaccuracys when cut and folded showed me how important the bleed is when it comes to adjusting the slides to line up. This meant I could get a really clean join between the spreads, giving a professional look.

I’ve definitely learnt how important it is to not only talk to the printer, but to print test sheets to see how it really looks.

001002003 004


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