Problems with Houdini!

As much as i love the program, houdini does not love ATI cards in crossfire, the machine i am using is currently running 4×4870’s and while radeon are not known for the best driver support, this lead me to having to manually edit the ati drivers  using some basic knowlede of 3d rendering engines to get better performance, unfortunatly one side effect of this, or houdini is that when selecting objects in the viewport, houdini resets its clipping distances, but does not show up properly in the settings, sometimes i can fix it by going upto obj level or into a object and back, othertimes i have to save and reload houdini.

Pressing D and changingthe culling options sometimes works, its a bit random and very frustrating. but in the end most of my model was PROCEDURAL so its mainly based on point distance and no of points to model itself!


another problem i had with the mantra shaders was that it would loose its shadowmaps and giver errors, and sometimes render black marks on the image.


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