Overall I belive that i have learnt alot about inDesign, print, typography, layout, positioning, and much more

For the book i had to make extensive use of inDesign. Learning alot of new methods and ways of working. While i had used style sheets before, not to this extent and depth. I was able to create quick stylesheets for different areas that are repeated, much like web design tags. for example, I created a style sheets for the small tags on the pages giving the font information. This ment that they remained consistant throught the project.

Printing itself has been the biggest obsticle. I literally knew nothing about proper printing, other then the basics, ie what a bleed is etc. But it not until this lesson that i really considered the aspects of print.

Colours, while i knew print is mainly cmyk, i never really took notice of how the rgb screen and the printed version can be so different, even a simple black.

Paper has a huge impact on the finisehd product, different weights and finishes really make the design.

Binding, i new very little about binding books, previously i had bound a book by stitching it togeher, but i was pritty much making it up as i went along. It worked well in the end tho. But now i know how to properly bind a book together, as well as all the different ways that can be used from my research.

Format for print was  a big pain in the ass, getting different information from different employees lead to some confusion, but it worked out in the end. This also includes consideration for ordering pages, how to setup a document for print and how it all comes together.

Due to the odd nature of my french fold,  japanese bind based hybrid i think i confused the guy in the print shop. I planned to bind it myself and did as i knew this would cause problems for anyone else and i knew kinda what i was doing.

In the end i did have some serious problems with my final book, i accidently mis calculated where to cut down my pages in order to get them to line up all along the book. I think this was mostly down to the fact that the printer was trying to do me a favor by trimming my printed sheets down to size, unfortunatly this removed my markings and fold lines leading me to have to wrk out each page position in the book in relation to each other.

For my book i presented today, it was fine, however when i went to do the final copy, it went wrong. I had to rush and get more spreads printed, they were still on file he said and printed me other another 2 sets.

Once i had them i noticed he had not printed them on 120gsm paper like i had requested AND PAID FOR this was even with me leaving the originals with him so he could check them over, so i had to go back and get another 2 sets, this time i he did it again, the paper was not as i requested, and not only that it seemed of a much lower quality then previous. the colours were off and tbh i was very pissed off, i queried all 4 employees in the store, showing them the proper paper and this crap they had given me but they seemed to think it was fine and wanted another £40 if i wanted the book reprinted. I jsut didnt have the time, money or patience to deal with them anymore.

I felt that i knew more about how to make a book, and wish i hadnt listend to them,

I was happy with the book i presented today, unfortunatly i am less happy with the final piece. while pritty much the same, i know that it was not as intended

Sadly this tragic set of problem has really put me off printing, the technical aspects were fun and i was able to work out everything correctly no probs. After my initial 2 copys of the correct quality i was looking forward to working with print more, unfortunatly this experiance has completly turned me away from the art… unless i get my own printer and dont have to argue with people.


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