Final Design & Analysis

My book starts presenting under a sheet, much as i envisioned an artist’s sculpture being under wraps before it is unveiled. upon removing the sheet a solid block is revealed. Stone textured and fairly plain looking, But on closer inspection the viewer can see a relief pattern forming withing the book itself, much as a tunnel book.

The title of the book is displayed through this relief hole, with only a subtle g on the cover to hint to the books purpose.

The first page pays homage to one of the ideas behind the book, and also behind the font itself. “the art behind the font”

The pages take the form of an evolution or design process. all the spreads are link by containing part of the next and previous spreads, drawing the viewing into the book and intrigueing them into turning over. The subtle use of colour was designed to guide the eye across the page and over. As well as the directiong and flow of the text boxes.

Going deeper and deeper into the book you learn more about the unque way in which the typeface had been designed, each weight different and artisticly designed, not calculated.

The spreads are french fold, to further enthesise the design behind the font, i chose to use a simple grid pattern that is seen alot during my research of gill sans. The font was drawn onto similar paper and prefectly showed off the DESIGNED aspects of the font, compared to the calculated fonts.

I love the uniqueness of the font too, each spread is represented by a different weight of g, being considered the best letter and its shapes really catches the eye with its double loop spyglasses appearance.

This lent itself perfectly to the relief concept behind the book, lookign through the g untill you get to the end, Ultra bold, were he completly chages the design. The pages were designed to show the beauty of the typeface, its versatility and how it really is an artistic alternative to typography.

The colours were chosed due to the inate britishness of the typeface, lots of red and white to catch the eye and lead them on, while keeping it interesting and varied, much like the typeface!

The varient i designed was based on the relief concept, and me playing about with illustrator. I found some really quite beatifal patterns emerge from overlaying gill sans on top of each other in different weights, i wanted to expand on this idea and create a variation based on these patterns and shapes.

I think the overall impression I wanted to create has been achieved.


Upon reflection and feedback as ever, there are a few changes i would make, NOT INCLUDING THE FING PRINTER.

Tracing paper rather then acertate, sadly i listened to the printers advice here. Also upon feedback i feel it really would an amazing idea to print the entire book on a transparency paper so you can really see the shapes in relief.

Develop my variant more, i wish i had more time for the variant, sadly it was pushing back my printing too much.

Hard cover, much more stone like.

but all in all im happyish with my book, the idea behind it was different from the normal approach to the typeface, and i took a risk with the binding and pages. it was a bit of a maths fest, but not to bad.


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