More Ideas Generation

Being a being gamer, starcraft, wow, anything really this type of scene really appeals to me, id love a dark grundgy diablo 3 type scene or a sc2 inspired map.

Or even portal, i love the idea of 2 landscapes in one, 1 of he test chambers, then seeing behind the scene, as in the game with the industrial look.

portal_2_by_hellsplumber-d2xi79z.png tp_a1_bts_10000 portal22011052403044132 Portal-2-Investment-Opportunity-Panels-Trailer_3 Portal-2-Fan-Film-header glados_599x330 portal2-screenshots-21 Portal - Behind the Scenes-468x starcraft-2-wallpapers_18285_1152x864 supplydepot__d_ sand_desertlandscape eYFr3 Deserttroopers_Pikabots_by_shtl


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