Setting up Houdini


I used this image as the viewpot background for H to help me position my camera and geometry correctly based on my hand done sketches.

01 2

Render Q

I decided to render out all my images at 2208 x 4676px as they really added alot of quality when zoomed into, my final image however will be 1104 x 2338px, thats a whole 338px more then the minimum!



Houdini Setup

While working in houdini, i naturally made a bit of a mess, its like lego!, but its a controlled mess, I know how it all goes, but it may seem messy. I came up with a system of colors, ctrl + n net boxes and suffixis to keep it organised.

Camera blur

While i know the focal length in houdin can create a good looking focal length with the camera, i think i’ll leave this for photoshop.



I also came accross this site to help with Expressions


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