Cool Houdini Methods I Used


List of expressions for use with houdini, this added to copy stamping creates some very cool modelling methods to add a bit of proceduralness.!

Copy Stamp

Copy stamping at work, random scale and rotation to create randomly sized rocks, added to a randomly scattered grid. The rocks looks odd as they are only rendered properly in the final mantra, rather then viewport.


Render Mantra Sub Divide

As the image above, looks square, but come render time, they are sub divided and looks good.


Similar to scatter, only creeps along an object, worked well for placing object along a wall, depening on its size, the bigger, the more X points to add geo too.


Gave me a random selection of points over a given surface! grate for randomly placing doodads and clutter on the wall and ground!


I looked for an explanation about phong specular lighting model

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