Finished Book

Scroll down for the good stuff

I like my book, but i am quite disapointed any annoyed with the printers. How hard is it to not print on the wrong paper twice, and with the wrong printer! I left plenty of time and had spares. But i did not think leaving the final copy to last, after i had 2 practice books done would be a problem…. lol

But hey… the concept is still there

TBH i would like to develop this further in my spare time as it was an interesting project and id rather have a piece i am proud of, then this. Might use a different printers mind. I hear moonpig are pritty good!

Ohh and jus fo fun… the pdf’s

mellor_glenn_typography-1 mellor_glenn_typography-2

layoutCYMK_003 This last one was an accident, i accidently overlayed two pdf outputs overlaying different pages. it created such an interesting shape and look that i had to keep the image. I only wish ihad developed on this idea more, using thick tracing paper for the whole book!


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