I am quite pleased with this piece as a whole, however i did have much grander plans and designs, unfortunatly i litterally ran out of time… i spent 2 solid weeks on shaders and at the end had prtty much a shader and 1000s of images to show for my wasted time.

I was trying to create a multi layered shader that i could use to pritty much paint on my landscape, sandy bumbs, then on the mountain areas it would fade to a rocky texture and a displacement to match.

This design was a bit of a let down and the result of a quick mash up, rather then what i really wanted to do.


  • time – I just ran out of time for the project, i think i was a tad too ambitions, but i am still confident i could pull it off, jsut dont waste weeks on a shader!
  • mantra – reders with black marks, normally solved by adjusting the lighting or shadow intensity, but still a PITA
  • clipping – ATI or Houdini issue, a reall pain in the ass! really hampered my ability to render as i couldnt see sometimes. This lead to the more prodedural method i ended up using, creeping and scattering object over points to create a big shape with some variance, that changed as i made it bitter or smaller but linking the size and points to each other.

Other Software

After seeking advice from the pro’s they all ended up saying NOT to jsut use houdini to model and create a landscape, use specialist software, Vue, to create the landscape and then houdini after of i wanted.

But i really love working with houdini and so wanted to stick to this program only


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