Design Museum Brief

Design Museum London Trip


We went to see the exhibition ‘Unexpected Pleasures, The Art and Design of Contemporary Jewellery‘. I found it quite interesting visualising all the thought that was behind each piece.

The exhibition looks at how cotemporary jewellery, muh of it based on materials not traditionally associated with the recious or the decorative, is understood. It used jewellery to put into perspective our relationship with our everyday possessions. Contemporary jewellers shift our percieved values in jewellery. Their inventive ideas find starting points in unusual materials, the joys o making, real or imagines scenarions in wheich jewelley is worn and comes alive.  They brind attentionback to its intrinsic values, which is what jewellery means to people rather than in costly materials.

Unexpected pleasures presents a clust of distinct perspectives as a way of unerstanding the ideas that uderpin contemporary jewellery. each individual cluster offers examples of how works communicate to one another, and by doing so position their makes across a set of creative systems and social expressions that define what jewelley means over time. It highlights how thinking and tactucs about ideas are shared between makers. They are assosiations by design , and their meaning is left to the imagination of the viewer.

Jewellery is the product of a realtionship between maker and wearer. it is the wearer who adds force to this exploration within the three sections of the exhibition. Worn Out, Linking links and A Fine Line. Each section presents its own perspectives about the nature of contemporary jewellery. By weaving idea about makeing, wearing and belonging. It is hoped that people will gain a better understanding of how and why they wear jewellery.

Favorite Pieces I Captured


There was many section to the exhibition, including:

  • Handmade
  • Quircky Ideas
  • Face Value
  • Heart Felt
  • Turing Point
  • Animal Instincts
  • Never Forget
  • Tell Tale
  • Second Life
  • Physical Matters
  • Craft
  • Art
  • Fashion
  • Design
  • Logical Solutions
  • Negative Space
  • Industrial View
  • Finish Me Off
  • Mutliple Original
  • Modus Operandi

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