Grid System

We decided on a odd nubmer for the colums. Two columns of six, again with that extra space to use as a layout element. Willi Kuntz was a big advocate of the 13 column grid, as is Will Hopkins of Hopkins/Baumann who worked with Kuntz.

Why use grids?

Grid structures are vital to successful document design, and especially so for documents containing a mixture of text and graphics. If you don’t believe us, examine a few of those magazines in your doctor’s waiting room. Whatever the subject matter, and no matter how random the layout appears, the underlying structure will generally be based on a carefully designed grid.

Margins and row and column gaps

Besides choosing the number, width, and arrangement of your columns, there are some other important grid elements that you must consider: page margins, and row and column gaps.

the greatest danger in using a grid is to succumb to its
regularity. it’s important to remember that the grid is an
invisible guide that exists on the “bottommost level” of the
layout, the content happens on top of it, sometimes
constrained and sometimes free to move.


breakingout_example1 børns,vilkår,layout,design,graphics,illustration,magazine-f00c867e83c96683782e3778fc25c391_h tumblr_m6jglzvxyC1ru36qzo1_500 MelinaSpread_900

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