Grid System Examples

These are some of the most interesting examples of grid based layout I found. I like the way in which there is a clear grid structure, yet they break the grid to create a dynamic, more interesting piece to look at.

Print gaslight-layout images Jordan-Carpenter-Magazine-Layout_Page_3 josef_roberts mag3 mag4 mag7 Magazine-18f Magazine_Layout_by_cupidarrow15 magazine-cover magazinelayout1 magazine-layout Magazine-Layout-Inspiration-1 Magazine-Layout-Inspiration-3 Magazine-Layout-Inspiration-3f Magazine-Layout-Inspiration-5 Magazine-Layout-Inspiration-6 Magazine-Layout-Inspiration-13 Magazine-Layout-Inspiration-13b Magazine-Layout-Inspiration-14 Magazine-Layout-Inspiration-21 Magazine-Layout-Inspiration-32 Magazine-Layout-Inspiration-43 Magazine-Layout-Inspiration-49 Magazine-Layout-Inspiration-54 Magazine-Layout-Inspiration-55 Magazine-Layout-Inspiration-56 maglayout2 mqdefault ogilvy-brochure oscar3 Page-Spread-Design-by-Annabell-Ritschel preview russh-magazine-coco the-tall-ladder-2 Varoom_06_Cover 02 4d69b202359465c5cef1444c7daa1ece 9_paste-magazine-layout-1small 77707032_dfa8566a58 277466556_4882a1866d_z 383755270_bb4018b94f 383755337_e0205d87a9 976757992_0cc5b75538_z 976758016_0ef1641faa_z 2468677391_0aa2d4a072 1008091239609916 1008091239610153 1008091248575472 1017351240340734 1017351240342075 1181041249500149 149463281353063369_bu98pwVd_c bc3b8rnsvilkc3a5rlayoutdesigngraphicsillustrationmagazine-f00c867e83c96683782e3778fc25c391_h Circle_covers_lo


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