Board 2 Research


We have been given a list of materials, we have to choose from the list and then find two of our own unusual materials.


This is a list of my chosen materials, I tried to no go for the non obvious choices and tried to have a meaning behind my choices. I also felt that I should choose materials that I would be interested in or like the look of.

I started off brainstorming ideas, getting back to the roots of graphic design, and design in geneal.


From this brainstorm I came accross a few ideas that i would like to expand upon.

Mainly using Computer parts to create items, as a juxtaposition against how we normaly use computers to design items.

Corrugated cardboard, after being inspired by Nel’s work, I am intrigued as to what i could produce using card.

Pencils, tend to be the starting point of any design work i do so I thought it would be interesting to experiment with them as a material. Seeing what other artists have created with them was quite insperationalm such as sculptures or carvings.

Cans, having be to Malta as a child I often came accross models and things made out of western rubbish, mainly cans of cola or beer. They always intrigueds me as a child and loved how they looked. Using rubbish to create such amazing models and pieces. I likes this idea so much i had been collecting cans left over to experiment with.

Bottles, same as above really, a bit more difficult to work with at home, but ive been saving up cider and coke bottles to toy with.

Pixels, being a huge 8-bit fan and attempting to get back to base of design, i started looking at aspects of the computers, then i came up with the pixels in the actual screen. It is the smallest base element of digital art.


We have been given a list of processes, we have to choose from the list and then find two of our own processes.


This is a list of my processes to use in design:

Industrial Processes
Die casting
Sand casting
Resin casting
3D Printing
Blow molding


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