Ad leading up to the relaunch

I wanted to create an ad for the relaunch of FT, the idea for the print campaign is to create a sense of wonder and mystery, playing upto the new darker feel to the magazine, get people talking about the posters as they dont initially know what they are about.

The idea was to have the FORTEAN TIMES RELAUNCH printed with glow in the dark ink, so by day the poster is quite freaky, giving nothing away as it charges during the day…

then at night, WHEN THE TARGET AUDIANCE is out the text would be visible, giving it a ghostly dark feel to the add, as well as creating hype and brand awareness

sadly glow in the dark ink had proved too expencive for the actual magazine, i’ll have to keep that idea!

I had in mind something like this:


To go with the new format, these adds would be ideal on train side billboards!


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