Assessment Ideas

I was still not 100% on what magazine to take, alot of the ones i am loooking at are interesting to me, but dont have alot of scope for conceptual design, or are pritty well designed, which is why i read them!

I am currently looking at

PCGAMER and Fortean Times

PCG220.cover_subs FT_178_Dec_2003

Initial Assessment

Having chosen Fortean Times for the magazine I am going to redesign for this assignment. To start with i decided to list all the problems, what is good about the magazine, and what needs to be done.

classic magazine format
classic layout
poor hierarchy
very samey columns
quite boring to look at
too many colours
very basic

What is good:
classic magazine layout
Regular columns

What needs to be done:
Increase the number of people buying the magazine
Increase the audience
Emphasize/sell the good parts
Increase the contributors/regular features
Make it look more stylish
Write a brief
Make it a collectable
Unique, like the subject matter

To get a better idea of the magazine, I emailed them, being a fairly large publication they were hesitant about giving away much information

Fortean Times keeps alive the ancient task of dispassionate weird-watching, exploring the wild frontiers between the known and the unknown. Fortean Times is the only UK magazine that has survived over the years while all its competitors have lasted only a short time. As a result, anyone who is interested in strange phenomena now turns naturally to FT.

Fortean Times remains the world’s best-known and most highly respected journal devoted to the reporting, analysis and discussion of strange phenomena. From cryptozoology to conspiracy theory, Fortean Times provides the most balanced coverage of the world of the weird. Now with more pages, bags of new content and a comprehensive guide to the latest in books, films and games, Fortean Times is the premier paranormal title in the world market.

70% male, 19,551 circulation

25 – 34 Male
35 – 44 AB
45 – 54 ABC1

A = upper middle class =  higher managerial, administrative or professional
B =  middle class =  intermediate managerial, administrative or professional
C1 = lower middle class =  supervisory or clerical, junior managerial, administrative or professional


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