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Fortean Times is a monthly magazine of news, reviews and research on strange phenomena and knowledge, interesting strange dreams and omens. The magazine is the respected chronicler of strange phenomena from all over the world. Besides being a journal of interesting records the magazine is also a forum for the discussion of observations and ideas, however illogical or unpopular, and the magazine maintains a position of uncertainty towards the stories that it discusses.

I wanted to better understand the area and what FT is up against in terms of direct competition. Currently FT is the leading magazine of choice, but i feel this could be made stronger, i am tired of the ‘normal’ magazine, boring a4, it just does not reflect the magazine’s core.

I began my search:

The Heretic


Bizarre Magazine



TDG – Science, Magick, Myth and History

A closer look at The Heretic

The Heretic Magazine – What Do You Believe?

footer spread1

A bit more artistic take on spreads then FT

More interesting format

not sur ethe typography matches the feel of the book, as its more spiritual then FT’s science direction.

A closer look at Bizarre!

bizarre BizarreMagazine_LunaSangre_TattooTease_UltraVixens_JanuaryPinUpBANNER

I really love the look and feel of Bizarre, its captures that dark style i am after, the organised chaos of the spreads is much more interesting, sadlyits still on a normal mag format. Grrrreat colours, grids and layout. Possibly too many fonts, but they are used well for the sections. I like the idea of fonts being related to specific areas.


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