Colour Palette – Margins – Folio – Navigation

For the colour palette i wanted to keep the colours quite desaturated, keeping inline with the darker, mysterious new look to the magazine. I wanted the colour theme to be quite simple and not overpower the content.

I wanted the colour palette to be simple and also act as an aditional method for the magazines navigation. Colour coding the sections of the magazine,

News = Red

Features = sampled from the main image for the large feature article, in this case a ghostly green.

Then from this colour picked colour, i used Kuler to help define the hues to accompany it

palette palette2


The navigation is simple, and easy to get to grips with, along with the page numbers in the folio, i used a system of colour coding and section markers in the relevent colours.

The idea behind the navigation is that the reader can quickly thumb through the corners of the magazine and know what section they are on or after.

I also added a note in the margin of the current section of the magazine for the same reason.

I felt this was important as the while the original FT had sections and colours, it wasnt always apparently clear where they were.

THe colours chosen become the main colours for the, this will be kept through all issues adding to the consistancy of the magazine.

Again this simple navigation method works well for the new size format which leads to easy reading on the comute with its small size and portability.


This also reflects the margin choices, large enough to not have the reader cover up the content while reading it on the train and rotating it for the articles and images.


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