Existing Fortean Times Analysis

I was able to gain access to most issues of fortean times dating back to 2006, this gave me alot of reference material to work with. From this i was able to spot any changes made to the magazine over time.

I was able to easily identify common design desicions, things to keep, change, alter etc

It was important for me to redesign, rather then remake the whole thing, so i planned on keeping the same sections, order and content viewers were used too.

I scanned in images from 6 issues of fortean times ranging from 2006 to present to identify ways to work, and trends.


  • News section first, colour coded
  • Features around centre of magazine
  • Cover image same for main feature
  • Consistant layout
  • Ads on inside and back back covers
  • Dominant colour scheme is based on the feature image, normally contrasting to stand out againsts the cover, ie dark = eye catching colours used.
  • Consistant colour coding for sections
  • Other then a big redesign in 2003, only the mashead really changes over time.

z1 z2




Changes Over Time

Mashead changes from very, childish and simple, quite cheap looking into a more traditional magazine appearance over time. Still not as good as it could be.


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