I wanted to work within the are of motion graphics after developing a taste for it last year. I wanted to create an animation based on a famous story, but give it my own twist.

I decided on the story of Little Red Riding Hood as it is a classic, has an interesting story, my initial research found very little similar to what i had in mind and it was about the right length

My brief was to create a atmospheric animation based upon the story of Little Red Riding Hood.

My Aims
Using After Effects  i want to create an animation in a dark, atmospheic style, similar to my test ideas. I want to focus on the quality and kinetic animation. As well as deliver a smooth flowing story

I would like to include voice overs  and story telling if time permits

Photomanipulations, using free stock images from DeviantArt and other stock sites i want to create unique looking visuals for my story. Giving it my own personal feel


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