Research – Animating

Animating the walking was one of the hardest parts i found. I started to look up reference material and found alot on youtube free of charge to use. Mainly i used them as overlays in AE itself adding a transparency and trying to match up animations

I looked into several types of walking / running / jogging that i could potentially need, even different styles / ages / sex etc

These are a few images of reference material i used:

1 1b 2

While good, i found them hard to really judge, i wanted something more suited to animation. This lead me to aquire a copy of Richard Williams Animators Survival Kit

Hands down the best reference material, it was easy to follow with breakdowns specifically for animation, timing, frame useage etc

The main problem i had is that it was based around a 24fps breakdown as the spacing would not apply evenly, but this was fairly easy to recover from.


a1 a2

After experimenting with walks i settled on a 16 step walk, run and angry run. The spacing was smoother and it was easy to apply to different timelines.

This is how i broke down the animation. Its in 2second (50) frame loops



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