Development – Interior scene makeup


Unfortunatly for me i spent ALOT of time on the interior of Reds house, a reletivly minor appearance in my later draft of the story, i am however quite proud of its development. All made using photoshop and stock images that i manipulated, warped, creepifyed etc

house_img_00000 house_img_l_00000 lights_on_00000 LRRH_concept_plan

I also made alot of items to furnish the 3d house as you fly though it (as an injoke for myself i used several images i had used in previouse animations)

wash wall front wall_005 wall_007 armchair lamp_5lightson lightsoff comp hGRABS4

THis is the final scene i ended up with for Reds house, it contains alot of details and lighting, to render this scene alone took well over 50 hours making testing very difficult. I could test at low res / quality BUT then i would not get accurate shadows, so i realyl had to rely on getting it right mathetically

I am very proud of this area of animation, considering AE is realyl a 2d tool, but i felt this 2.5D ness really added to the atmosphere and works realyl well in HD.

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