Working with After Effects and Organisation

As my scenes get more and more complex, some of them having hundreds of layers! it was getting really hard to keep track of my work.

I really think AE needs some sort of folder structure added to the timeline, jsut so i can group out similar objects, and colapse them down, turn on/off etc similar to photoshop.

to combat this i started to colour code elements, adding similar object such as “details” into yellow, walls colour coded by room, from Right to Left, this meant i know right away if i turn off somthing in the timeline what item it is without needing to move around the scene.


I want to apply this logical approach to my file structure too. Within AE i am able to create folders for elemts it uses within the program, i have mirrored this in the way i organise the files on the desktop. This makes it easy to keep track of, make changes and back up all the work.

Seperating Final images, then into sections such as, Background, Details, Doodads, Grass, Footage, Characters etc


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