All in all i am very proud of the work i put into this piece, in full quality it looks really good

There are however some niggles that need to be fixed.

The main problem i had was rending time. In my tests rendering time was no problem at all, a few minute max at full quality. However when i came to render with shadows on this lept up alot… as in 20+ hours for a minute of footage. sadly when the quality was turned down to reduce this, the shadows would not accuratly render.

I really  did not expect this much of an increase for render time and had not planned for it at all. A total fail on my end. In order to meat the deadline i had to really cut back the quality to get enogh time to render, this realyl uspet me as it totally kills the design and meant i only had one chance for a full render length. This lead to some accidental inclusions in regards to lighting as i was NOT able to test render with lighting on, only movements.

Sadly a few mistake snuck in but ive put that down to experiance.

I simply did not plan for the 150 hour render time, but will know for next time!

File size vs Quality

Another hit to the quality of my animation was the file size limit, seeing as the final piece was over a gb in size i really had to chop it up to make it even pheasable to upload


This sadly was a afterthought, i planed on using a song and some simple sound effects, onyl the song did not loop well and failed to create tension at the correct time.

Do diff

“I done gone goofed”

I really loved working on this piece, its really only the rendering that has put me off. But ive learnt that rendering scenes is VERY different from rending the whole piece in 1920×1080

If was to do thing differently i would leave enoguh time to really test the shadows, as they was one of my main areas. I really need to upgrade my hardware, and while i do have a spare machine to leave to render, it was only 32bit and the render software required 64! doh!

I would pay attention and get a real story made, as well as music

Voice overs: i did plan on using voiceovers but time caught upto me due to my failings

I plan on finishing this off properly as i feel its a really good display piece, add in some voice overs, music and sort out hte problems and i think this would be a really strong piece

While i am proud of it, i cant help but feel disheartened by the submission copy, the quality is far too low and looks amateur when compared to HQ single shots of the animation

Also i did not have chance to add in many funny pop culture references, one of the little aspects i do enjoy, sadly these tend to come after its all done and dusted!

I plan to now render it scene by scene at full quality, then join it together, this should stop any problems i had with the render software failing after 20+ hours and needing to be restarted. many many restless nights of watching a render progress.. seemingly every time i left it for more then an hour it would fail. Sadly this also ment i couldnt even do much work while rendering as i dared not touch it for fear of using up prescious RAM!

So if any animation studio wants to gift me a new computer in exchange for free work experiance feel free to get in touch

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