Choosing our illustrator and Ideas

We are toying with several ideas at the moment all based around the concept of discovery

Luckily for me my idea of cards seems to quite popular again, we could implement a way into them to interact with the kids and get them to discover aspects of the event, from workshops to information and history.

We want to engage and capture the attention of the children, speaking out to them, not down to them. We feel a print campain would be stronger for our chose age range. 6-11

Less technolically reliant, still inquistive and would be willing to interact and want to discover.


Each member of our group has been asked to draw an image of Clarence the dragon, who represents The Broadstair’s Folk Week. From this we can find out who is the best illustrator from our group to see who to utilize when drawing the images for our advent poster. Here are my images:

This is the image we used to base our illustartons on


Here is my design:

I wanted to make the design more age appropriate for our target audience. While Clarence is an iconic character, i felt that is was kinda of creepy, especially for the age range we was after.


I wanted to keep the desin and colouring simple and more kid friendly. It was more based upon the idea of clarance the dragon , then the dragon itself.

After everyone in the group submitted their illustrations it was decided that my alternative approach was the one to work with.

I began developing the style more, researching into illustration for print, colours, dpi as well as appropriate styles to use.

Research and Development



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