Developing The Posters

I explained previously the direction i wanted to take with the design of the posters.

Consistant. Easy to follow, Clear, fitting with the museum’s designs.

For the posters i wanted to include a mixture of photography and different mediums, i ended up with some good quality photographs to use as well as trying a few different methods, drawning, making etc

These are some of the images I plan to use in my poster.

Colour and Design Ideas

I was experimentin with the idea of using a half tone effect on the poster, i also made a simple swatch to ensure that the colours stay consistant as well as a cogs vector i made to go in the background for the process slide.

Developing Ideas

I started working on several different approaches to the poster design based on different aspects i wanted to show.

Basic ideas using simple shapes and the colour palette, i wanted to expand upon this and come up with a way of joning all the posters together.

I really like how this idea turned out, the idea was to make it appear as if the wall the poster is displayed on continues behind the poster, a sort of faux 3d effect to draw the viewer in. Unfortunatly im not sure how well this would appear when printed, as i drew the background, grey shades and gradients tend to get lost in the print process, meaning i would loose the whole concept. I will hve to test this with a printer.


Thisese are more examples of my experimentation, taking hte 3d effect further and actualyl making 3d cubes that extrude from the poster, these will be attached after printing and contain more information.

The bonus of this is the added surface space as i am realyl strugglign to get all of the information onto the limited poster size. I have removed as much information as i can but it is still to much to compfortably fit on the page without effecting the information needed to be shown.

Really id like to strip it down alot more and continue with the faux 3d merged method.

Using arrows and consistant colour usage i plan to guide the view round the posters as well as set out a clear heirachy.


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