End Product’s

Poster series

a3 poster

A series of 4 posters designed to pormote and create awareness of materials and processes. Includes work by famous artists Nel Linssen, Atelier Ted Noten and Karl Fritsch. Research into materials, processes, uses and my product.



I ended up making a set of 7 butterflys, all different and all from different brands of drink. The two Tango cans were made from steel rather then aluminium and proved harder to work with. The design was based upon a butterfly collection and serves to promote upcycling as a means of reusing waste and discourage littering. It promotes a better enviroment and good practices.

  • Materials:

Aluminium and Steel cans, thread, paper, ink, printer

  • Processes:

embossing, cutting, stitching


I am pleased with my final product made from my chosen material, i think they are of a quite high standard and use the materials in an interesting way and with a different process. I found it difficult to fit all of my information onto the poster, ideally i would have liked to cut more text out and simplified the posters. More white space and better layout.

I think if i was to design the posters again i would go with my earlier ‘3D’ designs for the poster, they looked much better digitally and i think the simpleness and stylish tilt shifted image in the background worked well.

I like the use of colours, i tried to keep it inkeeping with the museum, use of colours, shapes etc. Striking to look at, but i feel far too over crowded for my liking. Unfortunatly i realyl struggled coming up with a design i was happy with and had to sebtle or i would be getting nowhere.


can2 <(rawr)

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